How’s it going so far?

I must admit I haven’t written a blog for a while now, but that doesn’t mean we have been sitting about twiddling our thumbs and not doing anything! The whole module team have all been really busy working on various issues related to creating the module and trying to take all your comments on board, so thanks for all your forum posts on the content you would like to see, assessment and collaborative learning.

We have now got all the authors for our book Mad or Bad? : A Critical Approach to Counselling and Forensic Psychology, which will be the core text book for DD310. We have a fantastic range of authors to cover all the different topics, and all the authors have also written outlines for their chapters. It looks like it’s shaping up to be a really great book, so I hope you all enjoy it once it’s published. For the images that will be used in the book and also for the DD310 module website, we are setting up a crowdsourcing event online. For this online event OU students will be able to send in their own images of representations of mad/mad, therapy and crime and from the ones that are sent in we will be able to choose some for the book and to use on the module website. If you are interested in participating, and would like to see images you have produced being used in the module, you can make submissions online at:

All the images will also be shown on our gallery site here at please visit this site if you would like to see some of the entries that have already been sent in, and to see your image if you decide to submit one.

As I am sure you know, here at the OU we don’t only provide a book as part of your module, there are also online learning materials with films, audios and activities. We have spent the last few months going through archive footage to see if there are existing materials that might be useful, as well as thinking of new materials we can create for the course. We are going to be interviewing a wide range of experts including; a crime fiction writer, forensic psychologist, academics from psychology, counselling and criminology, and counselling practitioners who work in prisons and other therapeutic settings. We are also making some films illustrating different types of therapy (e.g. CBT) and creating a short animated film.

As well as creating all of the sound and vision materials, we need to think about online activities, so that students not only make the most out of using the online materials, but so that they are engaging and stimulating. What is also exciting is that all the online course materials will be on the new virtual learning environment (VLE) for our module, so hopefully it will be easier for students to navigate and also have an improved design. That’s it for now, I’ll keep you posted on your progress :)

2 thoughts on “How’s it going so far?

  1. The course sounds really interesting, well done all!

    I work in substance misuse treatment here in Devon, as well as being a Psychology graduate of the OU. It seems as if substance misuse is rife within the Prison system. Will the team cover substance misuse treatment in prison and associated counselling?

    Will the team look at the inspirational work of Psychologists Professors William Miller and Stephen Rollick – Motivational Interviewing, which is frequently used in substance misuse treatment, as well as other therapeutic environments. Identifying with the client motivation for change, evoking change talk, minimising sustain talk. Decisional balances, creating an environment to encourage change talk and action

    If its of any help, both Professors are giving a workshop in Cardiff in June. I went in 2012 and it was outstanding! Id love to be able to go again—update-miller.php

    Best of luck with the new module!

    The OU are an inspiration. Im now looking at Postgrad !

    • HI Anne

      Thanks for that it look really interesting.
      Best of luck if you do decide to go the postgrad route.


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