Media representations…another teaser.

The last few weeks have been super busy for the DD310 module team. We have now finished writing and editing the textbook Mad or Bad: A Critical Approach to Counselling and Forensic Psychology and it is due to be published in May 2017. We have also been really busy creating films and audios for the module and writing the online activities and text for VLE.

One of the topics in the first block of the module is Media Representations of Crime and Therapy. For this week there will be not only be a great chapter in the textbook written by Troy Cooper from the Open University and Simon Cross from Nottingham Trent University, but there are two fascinating films produced by AngleEye Media, with OU academics Graham Pike and Meg-John Barker.

The first film looks at media representations of crime investigations, forensic psychology and forensic evidence and is hosted by Graham Pike. Using clips from TV shows such as ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘Law and Order’, ‘Cracker’ and ‘Lie to Me’, Graham talks about how realistic media depictions of forensic psychologists are. Graham also talks about the unreliability of forensic evidence and how it is not as accurate as it is portrayed on shows such as ‘CSI’. Furthermore, these shows have led to a misunderstanding of forensic science and what can realistically be achieved during criminal investigations.  You can see Graham whilst in the spotlight being filmed by Morgan from AngeEye.



The second film looks at how the media represents counselling and psychotherapy. Using clips from popular shows such as Frasier, Meg-John (MJ) describes how the media often depict counselling and psychiatry as being the same, whilst they are in fact very different.  Looking at clips from ‘Good Will Hunting’, the ‘Sopranos’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’, MJ describes the main stereotypes that the media use to depict counsellors and how unrealistic they often are.  MJ also talks about some of the more realistic depictions of therapists such as the TV show ‘In Treatment’ and short films that the Open University has created,  which you can view here.  Here’s MJ in the spotlight, whilst Seth from AngleEye sorts the autocue.


Both of the films depicting media representations of crime and therapy will be on the VLE in Week 4 along with some fun and informative online activities. That’s all for now, as I don’t want to give too much more away, you’ll find out more in week 4 of DD310.



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