What do you want out of your module?

The other day we had our big learning design workshop were all the team involved in creating the DD310 module got together to share ideas about the best way to make the module. At the workshop there were quite a lot of people who all had ideas about the new module and ways we could help to create it. There were all the academics involved Meg John Barker, Graham Pike, Bianca Raabe and Andreas Vossler who is also the co-chair with myself. There were also people from Learning and Teaching Solutions who put the material online and help to make films and audios, there was someone from careers and an employability champion to ensure we think about employability skills. There were also people from the faculty to make sure we think about the timescale, how long we have to produce certain materials and to make sure we get the right balance between the types of tasks we use in the module and someone from the library to help us out with the types of support they can offer.

We had lots of things to consider such as the module learning outcomes, the type of students who may study the module, the best way to present materials, e.g. using audio, films, online text, a text book. Here we all are busy coming up with ideas.

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One of the things that came out of the workshop is that we are really interested in hearing from you the students. We want to know about what has helped you learn, and the things you have enjoyed doing in previous modules or prior study, so that we can try to incorporate these ideas in the new module.

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One of the initiatives we need to employ in your module is collaborative learning, i.e. learning in groups or pairs, so we would really like to hear your views on when you have enjoyed this and felt it was useful.

We also need to think about issues such as when to have tutorials? What type of tutorials to have, face to face, or using OU live? At what points in the module would tutorials be useful, before a TMA, or perhaps after a TMA to learn how to work with feedback from your tutor and improve future marks.

What we really want is your feedback on how what you would like to see in this new module and how we can provide the best study experience for you, so please do give us your comments.

4 thoughts on “What do you want out of your module?

  1. Hi. When looking at tutorials, I guess there is never a “one size fits all” approach you can take, but this is my perspective. I work in Retail, which means working weekends and working unsociable hours (particularly around Christmas). If I was to work in a pair, or even in a small group, it would be difficult to co-ordinate any face to face time as I am usually only off one day during the week, which can change at short notice.

    I have participated in collaborative forums in the past, and found them useful, and certainly somewhere that can accommodate my unusual working patterns.

    I have also found online tutorials very useful, if it is a “teaching” session, but the face to face tutorials are the best place to bounce ideas around and brainstorm, rather than sitting and listening to the tutor.

    I hope this helps!


  2. This course looks really interesting, could you tell me if the team have decided yet if the examinable component will be a project/EMA or an exam? Thanks for your time.

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